Energy and Water Development (EAWD) announces its construction of Europe’s first Off-Grid eCharging park in Europe

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EAWD Off Grid Charging Station Design in Kassel

Energy And Water Development Corp (OTCQB:EAWD)REAL SOLUTIONS FOR REAL NEEDS”— IRMA VELAZQUEZST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — Energy And Water Development Corp (EAWD:OTCQB), a leading provider of innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles, has announced the construction of Europe’s first Off-Grid eCharging park in Kassel, Germany. The park will provide 30 quick-charging stations that can supply up to 50 electric trucks and vans, caravans, and 30 electric vehicles with electricity simultaneously.

The grid-independent charging system, patented by EAWD, was developed to compensate the current lack of grid power for EV charging, especially along the freeways (Autobahn). This is due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the lack of suitable infrastructure, and the slow expansion of power lines due to geopolitical challenges in Germany. The federal government assumes that it will take five to eight years to cover the high demand for electricity with regards to e-mobility.

“We are proud to announce the construction of Europe’s first Off-Grid eCharging Park in Kassel,” said Irma Velazquez, MSc, CEO of EAWD. “Our innovative solution to the current EV-related power shortage comes at just the right time. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and results to our customers, and we are excited to offer a solution that will revolutionize EV charging infrastructure in Europe.”

Kassel will be the first of the 40 initially planned off-grid charging parks along the German freeways. EAWD’s goal is to establish the standard configuration for all off-grid charging parks that the company plans open by 2025. The Off-Grid eCharging Park in Kassel is expected to generate an annual revenue of €8,000,000. Based on the kilowatt price for charging, each of the 30 fast charging stations is expected to earn an average of €400 per day (24 hours).

EAWD will apply for federal, state, and EU funding for the CO2-free off-grid charging station project. The company strives to deliver exceptional service and results to its clients and prides itself on a talented team of professionals.

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